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NODUST device that reduces viruses and toxic material in the machinery cabin

INNOVA + UNAB support: "Thanks to UNAB we learned to express the concept, develop different styles of pitch deck, value business, create value and generate trust in the user and work group, INNOVA + provided us with different degrees and feedback strategies."

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Prolonged exposure to toxic suspended materials, such as carbon and silica, damages the health of civil works machinery operators and can lead to chronic diseases. Added to this are high and continuous costs for maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems. An entrepreneurial team created NODUST, an electronic device that, through artificial intelligence, reduces the presence of viruses and toxic material in cabins, optimizing air conditioning equipment and reducing the frequency of repairs. Various tests and validations have shown the usefulness of this device to prevent respiratory diseases such as silicosis and pneumoconiosis. These capabilities have allowed the development of another project that seeks to adapt this technology to ambulances, to prevent the entry of harmful agents - such as the coronavirus - into these vehicles. The members of this startup have participated in various training opportunities offered by UNAB and its innova + program, which led them to the US and be recognized among the 250 most influential innovation companies in Chile in 2019 by the Pacific Alliance. Today, together with the search for clients for NODUST, they develop and seek financing for other initiatives such as NOWRITE, a support software for workshops, and NOSTEALS, a device that prevents vehicle theft.

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