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No borders for innovation

With exclusive benefits, Biopark generates opportunities for companies in the region, other states and countries

When it comes to innovation, there are no territorial borders. At Biopark, the mission of stimulating disruptive businesses has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs from different regions of Brazil and also from other countries. In the first two months of 2021 alone, 14 new companies and startups joined the ecosystem from the states of São Paulo, Paraná, Piauí, Ceará and Rio Grande do Sul, and also from other countries, such as Chile and Peru. In total there are already more than a hundred shops operating in the place. The Chilean Nodust is one of them. “We are focused on important markets, such as Chile, Mexico and Argentina and this year we decided to expand our presence to Brazil. Biopark will help us access this market ”, explains Pablo Morbiducci, founder of the company who currently also operates in Silicon Valley, in the United States, where he develops new technologies. HEALTHY ECOSYSTEM

For Global Eletronics, from Guaíba, in Rio Grande do Sul, among the differentials found in the ecosystem are the qualified workforce and the possibility of interacting with other residents. "We have already identified several companies with potential for partnership," explains Nickel Strider, CEO of the company. From the other end of the country, from Fortaleza, in Ceará, came Aironnet Systems, which offers solutions in research, innovation, robotics and artificial intelligence. It was the regional agribusiness, mainly the opportunity to develop solutions for pig farming, that attracted the company. "The proposal to have a space, networking with other companies, all a follow-up, in addition to other benefits in exchange for growth, motivated us to be here," explains Marcelo Laranjeira Melo, CEO of the company. REGIONAL COMPANIES Nearby businesses also have guaranteed space. This is the case of Mann Tecnologia, from Novo Sobradinho, Toledo district, which is developing the prototype of an oil-free booster compressor, a product not yet manufactured in Brazil capable of satisfying various types of demand. “Biopark provides us with a different relationship with the client. Being here, we expect substantial growth in 2021 ”, emphasizes owner Fernando Libermann. ENTERPRISE DENSITY According to Luiz Donaduzzi, founder and president of Biopark, the goal is to generate business "density". "We look at the potential of companies, especially the ability to innovate and create jobs," he highlights. The expectation, through the Residency Program, is to end 2021 with 300 companies in Biopark. Of these, 40 are international.

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